Spider Web Challenge

3rd through 6th-grade students had fun completing the 1st quarter STEAM project (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).  Bobbie Blanco, our 5th-grade teacher organized the Spider Web Challenge.  After reading a short story about spiders, the student researched spiders and then were tasked with planning their own spider web. Students worked in groups planning, creating, and testing their spider web.  They were supplied with yarn, straws, and cotton.  In the end, they stood 5 feet from their web and tossed 10 "insects" onto the web.  They had three trials to make it work.  Students then compiled the data for each trial and recorded it as a whole number, a fraction, and a percent.  Finally, they wrote a reflection on the whole process: what worked, what didn't, and how they could have improved it.  The classes had a lot of fun and practiced excellent team-building skills.  HUGE Thanks to Mrs. Blanco and the student council for supporting this activity.  🕷️🕸️